"Gemtones": A new perspective

Nicole Gemmiti is not just a producer, engineer, and arranger -- she got her start in music by way of her passion for singing. She began at the age of four, eventually learning to accompany herself on guitar. Determined to pursue a career in music, she made her way into the acclaimed Berklee College of Music. She then moved to Boston, Massachusetts from her home in Long Island, New York. 

Her original music project, "Gemtones," is heavily influenced by some of her favorite artists, like Jack White, Hozier, and Lorde. It can best be described as alternative rock with a hint of blues, sung with a voice reminiscent of a lovechild of Alison Mosshart and Joan Jett. The lyrical themes reflect Nicole's personal experiences with queerness, heartbreak, mental illness, and emotional empowerment. Coupled with raunchy guitar and a driving rhythm section, Gemtones is a female-fronted rock sound for the modern era.

Nicole Gemmiti is a dedicated producer and engineer, but her music is her outlet into another necessary outlet of creative expression. Her production work is her calling, but her original music is a deluge of her musical freedom coming to a head -- and it's there for you all to enjoy.

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Debut 2-track single "GooD" out now!